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Rebecca Lansing
Rebecca Lansing.png
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum Corporation
Status Alive
Location Earth
Game(s) System Shock
System Shock 3
Voice Actor Helen Dunsmoir

Rebecca Lansing is a counter-terrorism consultant to TriOptimum Corporation who guides the Hacker during his journey through Citadel Station.


Rebecca first contacted the Hacker from Earth after he woke up from his healing coma and picked up his Multimedia Data Reader. She told him that in the past six months have been bad (mutations, rogue AI, possible strike from the Mining Laser, etc). She also said that she knew all about the Hacker and Edward Diego, and promised to clear his record if he could make things right.

Throughout the events of the first game, she told the Hacker useful information, guided him throughout the station, and gave him hints as to what to do and where to go next (later on, however, she is interrupted by SHODAN on several occasions).

After some time Rebecca informed the Hacker that SHODAN was downloading herself into Earth's computer network. Toward the end of the game she even managed to convince the people at TriOptimum to allow the Hacker to blow up the station.

Rebecca is set to return in System Shock 3. Her role is currently unknown.

Logs and E-Mails


Level 1 - Hospital
Level 2 - Research
Level R - Reactor
Level 6 - Executive
Level 8 - Security


Level 1 - Hospital
Level 5 - Flight Deck
Level 6 - Executive
Level 7 - Engineering
Level 8 - Security
Level 9 - Bridge


  • Rebecca Lansing's in-game portrait is a scanned photo of Sara Verrilli, a member of the game's QA team.
  • At one point, the demo for Nightdive's System Shock remake included new audio for Rebecca Lansing recorded by a different actress: this was likely in line with Nightdive's plan to create a reimagining of the original game that included new dialogue. In Nightdive's most recent update to the demo released in 2020, the late Helen Dunsmoir's original audio was returned – this is in line with Nightdive returning to a straight-remake of the game. In the subsequent developer commentary video, Nightdive revealed this would be the last update to the demo using the original audio, implying they still plan to recast Rebecca in the final game.