Ramsey Recruitment Center
Area Information
Replicators 1
Recharge Stations 1
Keypads 1
New Enemies Training Droids (harmless)
Connected Levels Space Station
The Ramsey Recruitment Center and Training Facility is one of five principal recruitment facilities on Earth for the UNN's three military branches: the Marines, the Navy, and the O.S.A.. The most recently built of the five facilities, it is said to use holographic artificial personalities, and cutting-edge training simulations.

Once you’ve gone inside, the training simulations are a must-visit experience: some of the highest-quality cyber-simulations available, including not only sight and sound, but tactile feedback as well. Rumor has it that the Protocol Droid is principally on duty to keep the local teenagers from using the Cyberlink Booths as free entertainment.

After your training runs in the simulators, you’ll be offered your choice of the three military branches. The UNN Navy and the Marines both have long and proud histories, dating back to the days of pre-corporate national militaries. The O.S.A. is a newer branch, grounded in the newly established psionic disciplines, and already it’s acquired a rather dark reputation as a group of “spooks.”

Once you’ve made your choice, there’s no turning back — you’re about to be sent to space!
A shuttle will drop you off at an Orbital Station for your first choice of mission postings.

Notable Locations

Other UNN training facilities on Earth include...

  • Coronado Island
  • Laverne Tactical Training School

Audio Logs



  • It's possible to take items out of the simulations into the rest of the game. To do this drag an item like you are going to drop and exit the simulation, this will take the item out with you. This is a good way to farm items.
  • It's possible to glitch outside of the map using super speed/high stats and the simulations. Using the ubermensch command, runfast, and a speed booster obtained through console commands, while inside the basic training simulation, face the exit, activate all of the items/commands and run out the door (be careful not to it anything in the simulation or risk dying), then run forward and jump when outside of the building, you can then explore the upper areas of the map. You won't die from falling because in this area, there is no fall damage.
  • It is possible to get items in the simulation that don't normally do so to respawn, but no reliable way has yet been discovered.
  • It is possible to permanently upgrade your stats. When entering the training simulations, by quick saving and quick loading in a very precise places, you can keep all of the stat upgrades and they will stack, giving you a good way to level up stats.
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