System Shock - Audio Log
From Marc Steinberg
Radiation Leaks
Subject radiation leaks?
Date 05.SEP.72
Recipient Charlotte Sigmund
Level Level R - Reactor
Location Next to the scopes table in the Medical Sector.
Char, we'll have to worry about rescheduling later.  We've been getting intermittant radiation spikes out from the core for the last 36 hours, and the only thing I can think of that would cause it is an error in the software.  They're serious, too...about 8 REMs in a 2-3 second burst.  So far no one's been caught in the spike's radius, and I've ordered all personnel to stay out of the area.  Do me a favor and run a diagnostic on the CPU's, ok?


  • Strangely, the log where Sigmund requests a rescheduling is dated in a much later date ; unless we suppose that she had asked another rescheduling earlier.
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