RF-07 Skorpion





Weapon Data
First Obtained Level 7 - Engineering
Destructible No
Operation Automatic
Ammunition Slags
Big Slags
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 35
Armor Penetration 40
Offense Value 2
The RF-07 Skorpion is a weapon found in System Shock.


A 9mm sub-machine gun similar to the AM-27 Flechette, but larger, with heavier ammunition and quicker fire times. This is the most powerful weapon in the standard TriOptimum security arsenal of the 2070's.

When fired in long bursts this weapon's ferocious kickback will actually make the Hacker 'lean' backwards, making aiming somewhat difficult at longer ranges. But between the huge magazines and decent damage output the Skorpion is a great go-to weapon when you need to shred a roomful of enemies in short order without worrying about battery power or reloading.

It is advisable to use the regular 50-round magazines in most situations and save the larger 100-round magazines for dealing with tougher enemies, or for rapidly engaging multiple threats. Few things will survive the wrath of a full 100-round magazine at close range.

Ammunition Types

MagCart Hornets Icon Slags Slags (50) - Heavy, super-heated slugs.
RailClip LargeSlag Icon LargeSlags Large Slags (100) - Slag rounds in a larger magazine.


  • Most of the weapon names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the games developers. In this case, Rob Fermier.
  • While it shares the same name as the Czech SMG, the gun aesthetically shares more in common with the Israeli IMI Galil (And by extension, the Finnish RK-62, and Russian AKM.)

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