Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machines are devices found in System Shock 2 that can resurrect a killed player free of charge on Easy difficulty, and for the price of 10 Nanites on Normal and higher difficulties. They are similar in functioning to the Restoration Bays found in the first game. QB-RMs are located on Decks 1-6 and on the first part of Rickenbacker.


The devices work by taking quantum entanglement samples, genetic and physical templates of a specific person. If the person with the stored template later dies, the machine can restore them to a semblance of their past, healthier condition. If a player dies on a level in which they have activated a Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machine, then they come back to life at that station.

The devices are located inside a small red area with computer screens lining up the walls and a spinning humanoid hologram inside (appearing after activation).

If you see a Quantum Bio-Reconstruction unit, activate it! You never know what’s around the corner, even in a quiet hallway. Death comes quickly on the Von Braun and the Rickenbacker.


  • The Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machine, along with the Restoration Bay, would later Inspire the Vita-Chamber from BioShock, the System Shock series' spiritual successor. An in-game explanation describes it to function similarly to the Bio-Reconstruction units.[1]

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  1. "Sinclair and Alexander tried to explain the science to me, but Suchong does not believe them. They keep saying 'Plasmid reconstruction' this and 'quantum entanglement' that, and then poof, dead people come back to life.", Yi Suchong's Audio Diary: The Vita Chamber
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