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Pulser Combat Software
PulserCombat Icon
Type Software Programs
First Found on Level 1 Cyberspace (v1)
Level 1 Cyberspace (v2)
Level 2 Cyberspace (v3)
Level 2 Cyberspace (v4)
Level R Cyberspace (v5)
Level 6 Cyberspace (v6)
Level 5 Cyberspace (v7)
Level 6 Cyberspace (v8)
Destructible No
Stackable Yes

Pulser Combat is a software program in System Shock.

This Cyberspace weapon transmits a focused burst of line trash that disrupts the integrity of any Net entity who gets in your way. The software prototype for the Pulser was developed by Yatsumora Cyberchannels Corp. in 2070.

Pulser combat

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