Psychogenic Cyber Affinity is a Tier One psionic discipline that increases Cybernetic Affinity by 2 points.
The power does not stack and therefore the maximum CYB value is 8.

Duration: 1 minute + 30 seconds per PSI

Strategic Analysis

  • Use it for any attempt of Hack, Repair or Modify to get an extra 10% chance of success and reduce the number of ICE nodes/damaged nodes/safety interlocks respectively by 2.
  • CYB also affects how long the security is disabled. Using this power will grant additional 4 minutes of turned off alarm if you successfully hack a Security Computer.
  • Since it does wear off after a while, it's most efficient if you can line up many technical tasks in quick succession.
  • As it is a cheap power to obtain and use, it is preferable for all but completely non-psionic character builds that use any hacking. In fact, it is cheaper to invest in Tier 1 and this power than to upgrade CYB to highest levels.
  • Note that Remote Circuitry Manipulation (the psionic hack-at-a-distance power) depends only on your PSI stat for both the final difficulty of hacking and the number of ICE nodes. It does however rely on main CYB level when it comes to the time the security is disabled and as such, this power is useful in that case.

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