Psycho-Reflective Screen or Psi Shield is a Tier One defensive Psionic Power in System Shock 2.


This Power protects the player from 15% of damage of almost all types. The only excluded sources are radiation, toxins and drowning. Its duration depends on the player's PSI and equals 30 seconds × PSI + 20 seconds. Note that Overloading this Power does not affect it in any way!

Duration Table

PSI Duration
1  50 seconds 
2  1 minute 20 seconds 
3  1 minute 50 seconds 
4  2 minutes 20 seconds 
5  2 minutes 50 seconds 
6  3 minutes 20 seconds 
7  3 minutes 50 seconds 
8  4 minutes 20 seconds 


  • It is one of the first Psionic Powers the player is likely to unlock due to its low requirements and wide usefulness.
  • This Power is extremely practical because it affects all types of combat damage and almost all of non-combat.
  • Defense given by the Psi Shield stacks with that of physical armors.
  • Psi Shield's defense also accumulates with other defensive Psi Abilities (one or more):
  • Other defensive Psi Powers complement the Psi Shield:
  • It should be cast before all other Psionic Shields, as it lasts the longest.

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