Psi Reaver Organ
Type Organ
Research Object
First Found on Command Deck (potential loot)
Dropped by Psi Reaver (75%)
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 1
Research Time 1:00:00 (max)
Chemicals Needed Ra @ 33,3%
Stackable No
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code mn. over. organ

This organ continues to pulse slowly and ooze a black fluid. Researching the Psi Reaver Organ will allow you to learn how to best target the Psi Reavers and their projections for maximal damage.
All damage you deal to Psi Reavers and their projections will be increased by 25%.

Researching this item requires Research skill level 1. A small amount of Radium (Ra) is needed in the process.


This is a continuously energized sample of psycho-creative residue. It is the end product of a massively complex and focused Psionic projection. This residue can be temporarily disrupted, but not permanently destroyed, since the Psionic projection can simply be re-created by the source organism.

Recommendation. While the projection can be disrupted by most conventional means, this serves as a short-term solution only. Resources should not be wasted in combating this phenomenon unless it is crucial for survival. If it must be destroyed, seek out and destroy the controlling brain structure first.


  • This item can be studied without learning any Research skill if a charged LabAssistant™ Implant is equipped.
    • Moreover, it is possible to analyze the item at the speed of Research skill level 2, while it's still at level 0!
      This trick is performed by equipping the LabAssistant™, starting the research and then unequipping the Implant. Furthermore, the Implant's energy storage will not be consumed if the trick is done fast enough.

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