Psi Hypo
Type Hypo
First Found on Ramsey Recruitment Center
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable Yes, 2 Nanites / Hypo
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative No
Summon Code psi booster

The Psi Hypo is an item in System Shock 2. The Psi Hypo instantly restores 20 Psi Points (24 with the Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade) on Normal and above difficulties or 30 Psi Points (36 with the Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade) on Easy difficulty.


The Psi Hypo contains a potent cocktail of tension relievers, dopamine inhibitors, and circulatory stimulators. This mix of side-effects can be habit forming.

The chemical cannot be copied through Molecular Duplication, to protect TriOptimum Corporation's monopoly on the substance.


  • There are three Replicators that sell Psi Hypos at a price below normally encountered when hacked. On Normal difficulty, they are sold for 40 Nanites, 10 less than the usual hacked price of 50. This is valuable early in the game when your Nanite amount is low.

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