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Proximity Grenades
Proximity Grenades icon transparent.png
Type Ammunition
First Found on MedSci Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable Yes, 2 Nanites / Grenade
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative 3 for 75 Nanites
Summon Code prox. grenade (3)
The Radius IV Proximity Grenade utilizes no fewer than six separate methods of detection, from IR signature to EM field sampling to volumetric air displacement in order to make sure that it explodes with pinpoint accuracy and in the close vicinity of your enemies! Be sure to purchase our Radius Exclusion Emitter, coming soon, in order to make sure that your grenades exclude you and your squadmates from detonation!
~ TriOptimum advertising copy


  • Proximity Grenades travel at a greater speed than all other grenades when fired.

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