Projected Pyrokinesis is a Tier Three Psionic discipline that launches a fiery projectile at a target, doing a damage of 5 + 2 per PSI to all but pure Mechanical targets.

Type of Damage: Incendiary

Projectile Speed: 50

Damage Table

Annelid Half-Annelid Mech Half-Mech Final Boss
Incendiary x2 x2 x0 x0.5 x1

Strategic Analysis

  • This is the most damaging projectile power in the O.S.A.'s arsenal. Alas, purely Mechanical opponents are completely immune to it and Half-Mechanical monsters (Assassins, Midwives) take just half damage.
  • On the other hand, Annelids and Half-Annelids are particularly vulnerable to fire-based attacks and take double damage, so this power is actually preferred against them, being more effective and economic when compared to Projected Cryokinesis.
  • Note, that since this is a Tier Three power, Projected Cryokinesis actually does more damage per Psi point spent (unless fighting Annelids and Half-Annelids). It has to be noted though that Projected Pyrokinesis deals its damage much faster, which is often critical in combat.
  • It doesn't have any splash damage, and no move splash for items, either.


  • The genetically engineered Red Monkeys aboard the Von Braun are also capable of projecting Pyrokinetic blasts. However, their attacks DO have splash damage radius (distance independent), so watch out!

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