Power Psi
The Power Psi O/S Upgrade eliminates damage from Psionic Burnout.

Strategical Analysis

  • Most useful for characters having (very) low Psionic Ability, but aiming to use Powers from highest Tiers. Psi Burnout can cause as much as 15 points of damage per single cast in those cases, but it's an unlikely scenario.
  • Along with higher PSI levels come two side effects:
    • Bigger overload box, making it easier to cast Powers at higher skill. The box is the biggest on PSI 7/8.
    • Lower Burnout damage. With PSI level 8 there's actually no damage at all, and hardly any on level 7.
  • Because of the above facts, hybrid users (not focusing that much on PSI) benefit the most from this upgrade. However, there are better O/S Upgrades than this.
  • Lastly, this upgrade gains some advantage on highest difficulties because of much lower maximum Hit Point cap. The problem is that Tier Four and Tier Five Powers are almost unattainably expensive then. On Impossible, attaining first Tier Five discipline will cost seventy (70) Cybernetic Modules, factoring in the Tier unlock cost. This is nearly 8% of the Cybernetic Modules in the entire game.

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