Power Cell
Powercell Deadpowercell
Type Key Item
The Power Cell, and its drained counterpart, are used as an auxiliary power source when a ship's primary systems can no longer operate or support power for certain systems. Power Cells mainly power back-up systems such as the airlock doors as well as lighting which can be seen on the Recreation Deck in the Athletics Sector pool of the starship Von Braun.

The Soldier comes across this item early on after exiting cryostasis on the MedSci Deck. These Power Cells are stored in inventory area and are also different from Portable Batteries in that they aren't used to charge up your items - rather, you'll need to use them to restore power to certain devices, most notably doors.

Dead Power Cells are typically found near the auxiliary input device where the cell should go or on the corpse of a dead crew member. They must be charged using an Energy Recharging Station before they become normal, functional Power Cells.