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Plant Mutant
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Alpha / Delta Groves
Most Common Level G4 - Delta Grove
Preferred Weapon Dart Pistol
Primary Attack Thorny Barbs
Secondary Attack Seed Pod Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 35 (Primary)
25 (Secondary)
Attack Range 2 (Primary)
8 (Secondary)
Hit Points 115
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 1
Disruptability 30%
Perception Medium
Loot nothing (100%)

The Plant Mutant is an enemy encountered in System Shock.
It only appears in the Groves.


Specimen #25 - The mutagen exhibits remarkable effects on plant life. Spontaneous development of mobility and defensive structures was observed in the mutagen treatment of a poinsettia. The specimen grew to twice its original size, and continues to expand beyond its container. At last observation, the plant mutant had produced poisonous barbs and a rudimentary neural structure.
~ Hans Bichenbach, Head of the Citadel Station Biology Department


Like with the other Mutants, Flechettes and Dart Pistols tend to work well. Plant Mutants have both a melee attack as well as a projectile. It is possible (and recommended) to destroy these projectiles in mid-air.