Pipe Hybrid
Enemy Stats
First Encounter MedSci Deck
Hit Points 12
Damage 10
Damage Type WeaponBash
Splash Damage No
Speed Fast
Weakness Anti-Personnel ammo (4x)
Incendiary attacks (2x)
Anti-Human attacks (2x)
Imposed Neural Restructuring
Psionic Hypnogenesis
Stasis Field Generator
Loot 2 of the following:
5 Nanites (20%)
Medical Hypo (5%)
Soda (25%)
Hybrid Organ (5%)
nothing (45%)
Summon Code og-pipe
Voiced by Stephen Russell
The Pipe Hybrid is the first enemy encountered in System Shock 2, and one of the least threatening. Hybrids are humans who have been infected by the parasitic Annelids, and mutated into monsters in service of the Many. They make up the majority of enemy resistance on MedSci Deck, and typically appear on every other level, albeit in significantly reduced numbers later into the game. They are fairly easy to dispatch, and are limited to melee attacks.


Hybrids are generally slow-moving, and are limited to a melee attack, courtesy of the Lead Pipes they carry. Although their lack of a ranged attack might suggest that taking them out from a distance is preferable, their low attack speed makes them easy to kill even in close combat. Your best bet is to circle-strafe around them and attack using your Wrench or another melee weapon ; chances are you'll take little to no damage in the process. Alternatively, you can backtrack while they charge. With enough agility, you'll be able to deal damage to them safely using melee weapons while stepping backwards.

If you have Research skill, be sure to investigate the first Hybrid Organ you find, it will give you a damage bonus against all Hybrids, not just those wielding Pipes.



  • "The Many protect us."
  • "The Many sings to us."
  • "Your flesh betrays you."
  • "We birth in our new flesh."
  • "Our flesh seeks you."
  • "We do not fall."
  • "Hurry! Run!"
  • "You are alone!"
  • "A thousand eyes look."
  • "We seek... We seek.."
  • "We are, we are.."
  • "Urgh, KILL ME!"
  • "I'm... Sorry..."

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