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Photonic Redirection is a Tier Four psionic discipline. Security Cameras and all enemies (excluding SHODAN and her avatars) cannot see you for a duration of 5 seconds + 5 seconds per PSI. Firing a weapon or using another psi power stops the effect.


  • This is the premiere power for combat avoidance tactics. A really potent combination is to activate Localized Pyrokinesis and then activate Photonic Redirection. You can walk around and damage monsters without them seeing you!
  • You can stay invisible all the time as long as you have enough PSI points. Re-casting this power while it's still on will NOT reveal you to your enemies, even if looking into their eyes while doing so (and even if there's a background info of "invisibility deactivated" for a brief moment). Because of that, overloading this power is more than welcome, making things easier.
  • If the enemy actually sees/chases/attacks us, we may still escape unscathed by casting this power, but sometimes we'll need to cast it twice. At times, for some reason casting this power once doesn't do the trick if the enemy is actively after us.
  • While the enemies won't see us, this power won't prevent the eggs from opening when we're close enough, the Red Assassins from running away when they detect us for the very first time, and from the game scripts that work on player detection/distance to work properly.


  • Many System Shock fans refer to this ability as "psi invisibility", instead of photonic redirection.