The Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade provides extra 20% benefit from almost all Hypos (and however unlikely, also Annelid Psi Organs).

Strategic Analysis

  • This O/S Upgrade does not affect Anti-Toxin Hypos.
  • Minimal value on Easy/Normal difficulty levels, as the Replicator costs are low enough, allowing abundant amount of Hypos. However, the full Psi Point bonus from this Upgrade while using the Annelid Psi Organs can only be witnessed on Easy difficulty.
  • Most useful for Psionically oriented character builds on Impossible difficulty level for the extra 4 Psi Points gained from a single Psi Hypo, which are rare and costly on this skill level.
  • While every character uses Medical Hypos, and will thus gain some benefit from this O/S upgrade, the characters who will benefit the most are O.S.A. Agents. They rely on Psi Hypos for almost everything they do, and getting the maximum benefit out of each one is vital to long-term success. They also benefit from using Psi Boosters, which last 1 minute longer (just note that their effects stop after changing the map or loading the game).

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