Paul Stannek
Paul stannek
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationResearch
Game(s) System Shock

Paul Stannek worked in the Citadel Station.

While taking standard inventory for science, storage and maintenance in the Research Level, he noted a huge radiation leak in Gamma where the Isotope X-22 was stored. He notified Warren Anderczyk but would not going to check without an Enviro-Suit or Detox.

Warren told him that the whole station gives reports of bio-contamination and that SHODAN recalled all envirosuits on the station. He suggested to find Abe Ghiran and get the suit from his office.

In October, he accompanied Dr. Nathan D'Arcy on their way to destroy the Tachyon Laser. While in Research Level, D'Arcy was killed and he told him the override code before dying. Stannek was not able to fulfill their job.

Audio Logs

Level 2 - Research


  • Paul Stannek's in-game portrait is a scanned photo of Robb Waters, one of the artists working on the game.

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