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Von Braun
Deck 4 - Operations
Area Information
Upgrade Units 12
Replicators 4 (1 broken)
Security Crates 4
Recharge Stations 3
Surgical Units 1 (inactive)
Resurrection Stations 3 / 4 maps
Keypads 1
Security Computers 9
Security Cameras 9
Turrets 7 (2 Slug, 5 Laser)
New Enemies Red Assassin
Grenade Hybrid
Red Monkey
Adult Arachnid
Swarm Egg
Security Robot
Cyborg Assassin
Connected Levels Engineering A
MedSci - Science
Hydroponics B/C
Recreation A

This is XERXES. Primary data loop infiltrated. Primary data loop infiltrated.

Operations (or Ops) is the fourth Deck of the Von Braun and either the fourth or the fifth visited in System Shock 2.

Reaching it is the primary objective since waking from the cryostasis.
This Deck is also the major turning point of the game.


On this Deck, soldier discovers that Janice Polito is dead and the entity guiding him is actually SHODAN. After the AI explains the final moments of Citadel Station and how the Many came to be, she demands that soldier hacks the three Simulation Units on this Deck to infiltrate XERXES' primary data loop and give her control of the ship. At this point soldier has a choice: he can either focus on the tasks at hand and when finished, proceed to the Recreation Deck, or go to Rec straight away and return to Ops later.

Deck Layout

Ops Map.png
Ops Map 2.png
Ops Map 3.png

This Deck features the following areas:

  • The Main Lobby
    • Bio-Reconstruction Device
  • Systems Administration and Offices
    • Conference Room
  • Crew Quarters
  • Chemical Store Room
  • Lounge
  • Operations Offices
  • Mess Hall
  • Storage
  • Simulation Units
  • Power Ops
  • Power Administration
  • Data Storage
  • System Operations
  • Fluid Ops
  • Barracks
    • Firing Range
    • Brig
  • Security
  • Command Center
  • Ops Override Station

Operations Senior Crew Members


New Weapons

New Armor

New Enemies

Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs