O-S Upgrades
O/S Upgrades are character stat boosts in System Shock 2.


O/S Upgrades give the player special bonuses and abilities which are unattainable otherwise. They are only granted by the O/S Upgrade Machines, which are very rare, with only four of them throughout the whole game. Only one upgrade per Machine is possible. Installed O/S Upgrades are permanent, thus cannot be undone.

List of O/S Upgrades

Cyber-Assimilation: Allows the Soldier to always find a Diagnostic/Repair Module in wreckages of big (Maintenance, Security and Assault) Robots. The item heals 15 Hit Points when used.

Cybernetically Enhanced: Allows the Soldier to use two Implants at once, unlocking the second Implant slot.

Lethal Weapon: Increases melee damage by 35%.

Naturally Able: Grants the Soldier one-time bonus of 8 Cybernetic Modules.

Pack-Rat: Grants the Soldier access to an extra column of inventory slots. 

Pharmo-Friendly: Offers an extra 20% benefit from almost all Hypos (save Anti-Toxin) and the Annelid Psi Organ.

Power Psi: Psionic Burnout (result of unsuccessful Overload of Psi Powers) no longer damages the Soldier.

Replicator Expert: Reduces cost of Replicator items by 20%.

Security Expert: +2 to Hacking skill when hacking Security Computers.

Sharpshooter: Increases ranged weapon damage by 35%, contrary to what the game's tooltip description says.

Smasher: Allows the Soldier to attack with a charged (held and released) overhand smash using melee weapons for bonus damage. The difference is especially perceptible in the case of Crystal Shard.

Spatially Aware: Causes the Automap to be automatically filled in aboard the Von Braun. In one small area of Operations Deck, aboard the UNN Rickenbacker and further this upgrade does nothing.

Speedy: Increases movement speed by 15%.

Strong Metabolism: Reduces the damage from Radiation and Toxins by 25%.

Tank: Increases maximum Health Points by 5.

Tinker: Reduces Nanite cost of using the Modify skill by 50%.

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