O.S. Upgrade Machine
O-S Upgrades
O/S Upgrades are character stat boosts in System Shock 2.


O/S Upgrades are granted to the Soldier by special upgrade stations, identifiable by their unique light blue display. O/S Upgrades give special statistical bonuses and abilities which are unattainable otherwise. The Soldier can have four O/S Upgrades installed at a time. O/S Upgrades are permanent, and cannot be uninstalled. O/S Upgrade stations are exhausted after a single use.


List of O/S Upgrades

Cyber-Assimilation: Allows the Soldier to loot destroyed robots for a Diagnostic/Repair Module that, when consumed, heals for 15 points.

Cybernetically Enhanced: Allows the Soldier to use two implants at once.

Lethal Weapon: Increases melee damage by 35 percent.

Naturally Able: Grants the Soldier eight free Cybernetic Modules.

Pack-Rat: Grants the Soldier access to an extra column of inventory slots. 

Pharmo-Friendly: Offers an extra 20 percent benefit from almost all hypos and the Annelid Psi Organ.

Power Psi: Psionic burnout from failing to overload Psi powers correctly no longer damages the Soldier.

Replicator Expert: Reduces cost of Replicator items by 20%.

Security Expert: +2 to Hacking skill when hacking Security Computers.

Sharpshooter: Increases ranged weapon damage by 35%, contrary to what the game tooltip says.

Smasher: Allows the Soldier to charge up an overhand smash with melee weapons for bonus damage by holding down the attack button. The difference is especially perceptible in the case of Crystal Shard.

Spatially Aware: Causes the Automap to fill in automatically aboard the Von Braun. In one small area on Operations Deck, aboard the UNN Rickenbacker and further this upgrade does nothing.

Speedy: Increases movement speed by 15%.

Strong Metabolism: Reduces radiation and toxin damage by 25%.

Tank: Increases maximum health by 5 points.

Tinker: Reduces Nanite cost of using the Modify skill by 50%.

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