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Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 10
Operation Timed Explosion
Attack Type Projectile (Energy Beam)
Damage 200
Armor Penetration 25
Offense Value 3
Blast Radius 5

A Nitropack is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


This nitroglycerin-based explosive has an adjustable time delay and delivers a shattering blow to any nearby robots or creatures.

To use either a Nitropack or its bigger brother the Earth-Shaker, select one from the MAIN page of your Inventory Panel. Then open either ITEM tab in the MFD to access the sliding timer. Left-click-and-drag the slider to change the detonation time and arm it as you would any grenade or Land Mine.

Nitropacks are also useful in creating a 'supermine' by dropping an unarmed Nitropack next to an armed Land Mine.