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Neuro-Reflex Dampening or Psi Reflex is a Tier One self-targeted Psionic Power in System Shock 2.


This Power eliminates kickback of ranged weapons belonging to Standard and Exotic classes (other weapons do not have any recoil). Its duration depends on the player's PSI and equals 20 seconds × PSI + 1 minute. Note that Overloading this Power does not affect it in any way!

Duration Table

PSI Duration
1  1 minute 20 seconds 
2  1 minute 40 seconds 
3  2 minutes 
4  2 minutes 20 seconds 
5  2 minutes 40 seconds 
6  3 minutes 
7  3 minutes 20 seconds 
8  3 minutes 40 seconds 


  • It is one of the first Psionic Powers the player is likely to unlock due to its low requirements.
    • It's possible to learn this Ability on Year 3, Mission 2 of OSA Agent's Tour of Duty.
  • Weapons' kickback depends on AGI statistic. Low Agility will negatively influence weapon control as the recoil will be huge, while a high AGI value will result in a greatly reduced kickback.
    • Very fast characters (AGI 6 or 5 with SwiftBoost™) should consider using Psychogenic Agility instead.
      Agility 7 means only minimal recoil, while maximized AGI of 8 results in no kickback at all, an effect identical to using Psi Reflex. Additionally, Psi Agility lasts about 2.5× longer on average, increases player's movement speed and slightly reduces damage from falls.
  • Psi Reflex is mostly helpful for dedicated users of Standard Weapons with at least minimal Psionic skills. These weapons are found from the very beginning of the game onwards and can have a lot of recoil. Especially Pistol's BURST, Shotgun's TRIPLE shot and Assault Rifle's AUTOmatic fire have awfully lot of kickback, while only the Shotgun's 2nd Modification substantially reduces its recoil. Psi Reflex makes serial fire effective (and deadly!) even in the early game.
  • This Power is also useful for Exotic Weapons. These feature huge native kickback that is a problem despite their guided/homing projectiles. Without any recoil, frequent shooting in ANTI-ANNELID mode is devastating.
  • Psi Reflex is useless when using Energy, Heavy and Psi Weapons, as these simply have no kickback.