• The full interface.
  • The minimized interface for more view space.
  • A "tutorial" showing their functions at the start of the game.
A Neural Interface, also known as a Multi-Function Display (or MFD), as well as a Cybernetic Interface is a device installed on an individual, allowing them to jack into Cyberspace as well as monitoring their bodily functions and status. There are also visual side effects, such as static after damage, or a loss of vertical hold, when exposed to radiation.

The Hacker was granted a "TriOptimum Combat-Optimized Neural-Data System Interface TCN-800" by Edward Diego in return for his assistance on Citadel Station. The procedure was followed by a 6-months long healing process, in which the Hacker was put into a coma for that time.

Neural indicators

It registers a body’s vital functions and displays data output.
Light Red line
Registers heart rate and relative fatigue (physical weariness). Frequent peaks (6 to 7 visible at a time) indicate high fatigue, few peaks (1 or 2) indicate low fatigue.
Light Blue line
Represents energy usage (drawn by blasters and hardware items).
Purple line
Chi brain wave, which measures synapse response times.
With hardware attachments these functions are also displayed...
Yellow line
Bio-contaminant exposure
Dark Blue line
Radiation exposure
Health Indicator
On the right, the health indicator shows the user's health. It shows a bar of little arrows from green (good) to red (poor and death risk). If the player dies after deactivating the cyborg conversion mode in the resurrection machine, he will resume the game from that point; otherwise, it is definite game over. Health can be restored by using Medi Dermal Patches and First-Aid Kits, as well as activating the Healing Machine.
Energy Indicator
It indicates the power suit's energy, which can be used up by activating hardware attachments. If the energy indicator is drawn to zero, all the devices in use will be automatically deactivated. It can be recharged by using Battery Packs, or by drawing energy from the Power station.

Hardware Attachments

Other Functions

  • The neural interface registers access cards, access codes picked up in cyberspace, and the user can open doors keyed to that code.
  • Inventory
  • Games

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