Navy is one of the three classes in System Shock 2. Gone are the days of struggling with sails, oars, or coal and diesel engines. The machines have conquered the elements. The modern navy must, therefore, conquer the machines. Naval trainees usually learn a mix of technical skills and train up several statistics.

Unlike many games, classes in System Shock 2 do not actually limit the types of weapons or ability a player can use, but determine the priorities one can use them. As the costs of upgrades increase along with difficulties, players should consider carefully on Hard or Impossible.

Tour of Duty

Upon selecting this class, you head to the Chesapeake Bay Station, a space station in orbit around Earth to begin your 3 year training. You are automatically given +1 in Standard Weapons.

Year One

2111 - February 13, 2112

You have one of three options to choose from:

Training Facility Stats Gained Abilities Gained
UNN Lucille
Ship's Ops
+1 Hacking
+1 Strength
UNN Lucille
Engineer's Mate
+1 Repair
+1 Strength
UNN Lucille
Military Police
+1 Modify
+1 Strength

Year Two

February 13, 2112 - February 11, 2113

You have one of three options to choose from:

Training Facility Stats Gained Abilities Gained
UNN Carfax
Navigator's Mate
+2 Cybernetic Affinity -
UNN Pierce
Ordnance Master
+1 Maintenance -
Laverne Tactical Training School
Tactical Training
- +2 Standard Weapons

Year Three

February 11, 2113 - February 9, 2114

You have one of three options to choose from:

Training Facility Stats Gained Abilities Gained
Marie Curie Research Facility
Lab Assistant
+1 Research -
Io Survival Training School
Survival Training
+2 Endurance -
Yamamoto Space Station
Zero-G Training
+2 Agility -


  • If one intends to use Energy Weapons or Heavy Weapons and wishes to use them early, then without a doubt, Marine is the better choice of the classes.
  • If the player focuses on Standard Weapons, the differences between a Marine and a Navy are not very noticeable, as both of the classes can provide Standard Weapons skill level 3.
  • A Navy recruit must choose among "+1 Hacking", "+1 Repair" and "+1 Modify". If a player is not planning to use any of these skills, he should choose Marine instead. Obtaining a skill that one would never use is wasteful, as the player loses 12 Cybernetic Modules in the process.
  • If one does hack, on the other hand, Navy would be the best choice as it is the only class that provides the Hacking skill. It also provides "+2 Cybernetic Affinity".
  • You' re probably going to get multiple skills during your run. On higher difficulty settings it makes sense to pick the choices that cost the most cybernetic modules. The first picks are all equal in price. On impossible, standard weapons costs 5 to 7 modules more than the other choices. Research is 2 modules cheaper than your other choices.


  • During your third year of character training on the space station, don't hurry off to a new mission right away. Turn left, and spend a while watching the Protocol Droid through the window.

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