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Navigation and Mapping Unit
Type Hardware Attachments
First Found Level 1 - Hospital (v1)
Level 3 - Maintenance (v2)
Level G2 - Beta Grove (v3)
Destructible No
Stackable Yes

The Navigation and Mapping Unit, or simply Nav Unit, is a hardware attachment found in System Shock. It is a radar-mapping system that records where you have been. It records walls, doors, and other objects of interest, and is keyed to the Citadel Station’s shuttle navigational beacon. A directional indicator that adopts conventional compass directions shows which way you are going.


To use the map, press the appropriate Side Icon or "7" to activate or deactivate the navigation module’s compass feature. Select the "AUTOMAP" button in either MFD. This displays a close-up view of the map, with your current position appearing as a red triangle. As you explore, the module expands the map and the position marker moves.

The two buttons at the bottom of the MFD identify map views. Both maps have buttons that perform different map functions. The SIDE and FULL buttons switch the map to cross-section and full-view modes, respectively.

Select SIDE (lower left) for a cross-sectional view of the Station in the MFD. Once you click this button, a cross-section of the Station displays and "SIDE" changes to "ZOOM". The level you are currently on is highlighted. If you press ZOOM, a close-view of the map reappears.

+ Zooms the map in.
- Zooms the map out.

Select FULL (lower right) to display a full-view map of the level and a menu of map options. This mode fills the entire screen and pauses the game. The buttons on the right perform various functions.

ZOOM IN Expands the map and zooms in.
ZOOM OUT Shrinks the map and zooms out.
RECENTER Centers the map around your location (marked as a red triangle).
N Scrolls the map up.
S Scrolls the map down.
E Scrolls the map right.
W Scrolls the map left.
SECURITY Reveals locations of operational security cameras and computer nodes within radius.
MESSAGES Replaces blue message squares with actual message text (see next section).
CRITTERS Reveals the locations of creatures within scanning radius.
RADIUS Causes two circles to appear around your current position. Your sensors have scanned the entire area of the inner circle, and partially scanned the area of the outer circle. This means you may or may not immediately detect creatures in the area between the two circles. Higher versions of the Nav Unit have a larger radius of detection.

Entering Comments

You can enter comments in the full-view map. To enter a comment, click on a location on the map and type a text message (it displays on the bottom of the screen). Then, press "E". Select "DONE" to return to the view screen.

When you return to gameplay, each comment appears as a floating tetrahedron in the view screen, in the corresponding location in real space (if it can be reached). To read a comment, find a tetrahedron. Then, double click on it to read the message. Alternatively, open the map and left-click on a blue square in the full-screen or MFD map.


Version Energy Usage Function
v1 0 JPM Displays map and compass.
v2 0 JPM Displays map (showing robots) and compass.
v3 0 JPM Displays map (showing robots, creatures, and hazards) and compass.

Note: Hazards only display if you have an EnviroSuit.