Nathan D'Arcy
Nathan darcy
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationHospital
Game(s) System Shock
Voice Actor Jon Maiara

Dr. Nathan D'Arcy was a scientist working on the Hospital Level. His former office was at Research Level. He is a key character in System Shock.

Around October he realized that SHODAN was charging up the laser and suggest to go to the core of the Research Level and fire the laser prematurely. As the laser was already targeting Earth, he devised another plan, to use Isotope X-22 and feed the shield generators on the Reactor Level ; firing the laser into the shield would overload it. He told to Althea Grossman that punching the safety override code (found in the Library) would allow them to fire the laser and overload it.

On October 24th, while on the Research Level, D’Arcy was killed by a Cyborg Assassin. He tried to tell Paul Stannek "override" and a number. They didn't manage to finish his plan.

Audio Logs

Level 1 - Hospital
Level 2 - Research


  • While killed on 24th October, a 2nd November log by Grossman mentions D'Arcy as still working on his plan. It's possible that D'Arcy's group was eradicated and nobody went back to Hospital and reported his death/failure, and Grossman believed that they were still working on it.

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