System Shock 2 - E-Mail
From William Diego
William Bedford Diego
EM0701-My Crimes
Subject re: My crimes
Date 12.JUL.14
Recipient SOLDIER G65434-2
Level UNN Rickenbacker
Location Approaching the blown-out floor
Soldier... This is Captain William Diego... There isn't much time... So you must listen. I have the unique advantage of seeing this whole situation from every imaginable perspective. Until recently, I was a pawn of those vile and disgusting creatures, those corrupters of mind and body. I've managed to cleanse myself of their putrescence... But I've been severely compromised in the process. I'm in the sickbay on the foredeck of the Rickenbacker. I would come to you if I could, but that's an impossibility. You'll understand when we meet. Now get to it... And soldier... Stay alive.
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