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Mutated Cyborg
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level 7 - Engineering
Most Common Level 8 - Security
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)
Primary Attack Energy Projectiles
Secondary Attack Energy Beam
Damage (per Hit) 35 (Primary)
75 (Secondary)
Attack Range 5 (Primary)
3 (Secondary)
Hit Points 340
Armor Value 15
Defense Value 6
Disruptability 20%
Perception Medium
Loot 2 of the following:
Heavy Slug 2100 Clip (20%)
MM Rail Clip (15%)
RF Large Slag Clip (20%)
Mark3 Penetrators (5%)
Medipatch (11%)
First Aid Kit (2%)
nothing (27%)

The Mutated Cyborg is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Only encountered later in the game, the Mutated Cyborg is a bulky mutation of a Cyborg created by SHODAN. On its right arm is a gigantic claw that can shoot energy beams at the player at closer range. Attached to his head is an energy visor with which he fires green glowing projectiles. These travel at moderate speed and can be deflected when shot at.


Because of their sheer size they have a big hitbox and thus are easier to kill. It is strongly advised to stay out of their attack range (keeping a distance of at least 5 squares) to avoid any of their attacks. If it's not possible, then the safest strategy is to keep out of short range and their deadly energy beam.

Powerful ranged weapons (such as Skorpion) tend to work well against them.
Alternatively, it's possible to attack them with the Laser Rapier, fast and furious style.