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Morris Brocail
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum Corporation
Status Alive
Location Earth
Game(s) System Shock

Morris Brocail was a programmer. He was hired by TriOptimum Corporation for the SHODAN project and he worked as the lead programmer.

He designed SHODAN as a semi-intelligent self-sufficient data network that could carry out routine duties aboard space stations, guided by an intricate series of logic and morale programs, and a personality that would allow it to challenge station decisions that affected its functions. The guidance software had security platforms so that SHODAN's own programming protected its self-governing capabilities. He worked closely with Chauncy McDaniel for this.

While SHODAN threatened the Earth, Brocail worked with Rebecca Lansing and managed to scramble their messages to send several of them through to the Citadel Station for the Hacker. Morris sent him some information about the layout of the Bridge.


Level 9 - Bridge