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Molecular Duplication is a Tier Three psionic discipline that allows to duplicate all types of ammo clips and hypos (except Psi Hypos) along with Medical Kits, using up Nanites.

It has a 30% chance of success + 10% per PSI.

Duplication amount and cost

Item Amount Nanite cost
Medical Hypo 1 20
Speed Booster
Anti-Radiation Hypo
Strength Booster
Anti-Toxin Hypo
Psi Booster
Standard Bullets 6 45
Rifled Slugs 60
Anti-Personnel Shotgun Shells 70
Fragmentation Grenades 3 75
Proximity Grenades
Incendiary Grenades
EMP Grenades
Disruption Grenades
Anti-Personnel Bullets 6 90
Armor-Piercing Bullets
Prisms 10
Medical Kit 1 100
Worm Clusters 5 120


  • It's like having a Replicator in your pocket! Sadly, Psi Hypos have been specifically engineered to be unaffected by this power. Partway through the game, however, you may discover alien Psi Boosters, that can (and should!) be duplicated.
  • Especially good for users of Exotic Weapons. Worm Clusters are the scarcest ammo units in the game, as the number of empty and filled beakers is limited (only 184 Worm Clusters found in the whole game) and they cannot be acquired using Replicators. However, it's possible to duplicate them, making them way more accessible (even if they are quite pricey).
  • Boost your PSI as high as possible before using this power for bigger chance of success. PSI level of at least 7 guarantees a successful duplication.