Medical Hypo
Medical Hypo icon
Type Hypo
First Found on Earth
Dropped by Pipe Hybrid (5%) x2
Shotgun Hybrid (10%) x2
Grenade Hybrid (10%) x2
Cyborg Midwife (10%)
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable Yes, 2 Nanites / Hypo
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative 1 for 20 Nanites
Summon Code med patch

A Medical Hypo allows the player to regain lost Hit Points. The amount healed is 10 HP (12 HP with Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade) on Normal and above difficulties, and 15 HP as alternately 14/16 HP (18 HP with Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade) on Easy difficulty.

Designed as a quick fix for minor injuries, the ChemCal medical hypo injects a healing enzyme which can make a crude assessment of the patient's condition and somewhat alter the chemical makeup of the hypo to fit the case. In addition, the hypo contains a mixture of standard pain killers and anti-coagulants. Not meant as a treatment for serious injury, the med hypo will do in a pinch. The only downside is the rather sharp stick of the over-engineered vacc needle, which was nearly recalled in 2102 on its introduction. Strong litigation by TriOptimum's legal department eliminated that potentially costly eventuality.


  • Immediately upon consumption, the player is healed by 2 HP. After that, the player is healed 2 HP every 1,5 seconds until the total healing amount is reached.
    • The total healing time of one Medical Hypo is thus 6 or 7,5 seconds on Normal and above difficulties, and 9-10,5 or 12 seconds on Easy difficulty.
  • Unlike in System Shock, the healing process is not interrupted in any way when the player consumes another med hypo while healing is in progress. Thus one can take several Med Hypos instantly and expect full effect.
  • What's more, changing locations (using a bulkhead, ladder, elevator etc.) or saving and loading the game (even quicksaving then quickloading without pause) gives the player an instant HP boost of the value the med hypo(s) should heal (could be one HP less).

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