Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction UNN
The Resistance
Status Deceased
Location UNN Rickenbacker (former)
Von BraunEngineering
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Fred Galpern

That creepy OSA guy followed me around for two months until he got the hint.
~ Connie Sanger, on Malone, July 5th, 2114

Malone is a character in System Shock 2. He was an O.S.A. Agent aboard the UNN Rickenbacker. Malone possessed Psionic Powers.


Malone was considered "creepy" by the Von Braun crew. He tried to strike up a friendship with Connie Sanger by following her for two months before realizing her disinterest.


Monkey Research

After reaching Tau Ceti V, Grassi informed Malone that the monkeys in the laboratory were becoming smarter and had acquired Psionic abilities. After interrogating a monkey for four hours, Malone tried to psychically probe it, but realized the monkey was blocking the probe. As he raised his Psi Amp to attack, the monkey projected a cryokinetic field at Malone, paralyzing his arm. Malone Psi-dampened the monkey and stunned it.

Later, Malone probed another of the monkeys, and discovered that the monkeys were resentful of the crew for the experiments performed on them. Malone, fearing correctly that the monkeys would become more aggressive, suggested freezing or euthanizing the monkeys.

During the Takeover

When The Many began taking over the Von Braun, Malone helped some of the crew members on Deck 1 to safety, including Martin and Connie. Malone was seriously wounded by a Hybrid during an ambush, but survived. Later, he and Connie were ambushed in Cargo Bay 2, where he was killed by a Maintenance Robot.


Malone's body is found on the third floor of Cargo Bay 2 alongside Connie's.

Audio Logs

Engineering Deck

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