The Mall is the primary shopping area of the Von Braun, located aboard the Recreation Deck. It contains Sensual Stimulation Chamber, a casino, a movie theater, and other shops.

Movie Theater

The movie theater consists of a reception area, a projection room, and a single theater with a movie screen. There are a bunch of Soda cans and Chips in there. Inside the theater itself are a large number of eggs, but there's some decent loot once they're dealt with. There may also be a Protocol Droid wandering around in the lobby.

While in the movie theater, make sure you look twice before using the Replicator. Some things never change, even in the future (hinting at the high price of snacks, just like the present).


The casino contains slot machines, a bar, and a card table.

Sensual Stimulation Chambers

Damn! Why don't I just make a bonfire and throw ALL my nanites on it. Last night with Nikki was amazing. Holo-woman, real woman, you gotta love technology. But I must have left ALL my nanites in her room in the Sensual Sim center. What a moron.
~ Rosenberg, 08.JUL.14, RE: My nanites
A form of adult virtual reality entertainment, the Sensual Stimulation Chambers can also be found on the Recreation Deck. You'll find four locked rooms, each with a different "simulated stimulation partner." A replicator by the stairs will sell you keys to these rooms (at exorbitant rates). In order to keep the rating of this game within reasonable bounds, all equipment inside the rooms is broken.

There's a rather large stock of Nanites (supposedly Rosenberg's Nanites), and some Cyber Modules, in Nikki's room at the Recreation Deck's Sensual Stimulation Chambers.


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