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Maintenance is one of the technical skills available in System Shock 2.

It governs the use and effectiveness of Disposable Maintenance Tools to maintain ranged weapons, and the maximum charge that can be held in electrically powered items. It has a maximum level of 6, and cannot be raised by an Implant. There is also no Maintenance Software.

Weapon Condition

The current condition of a ranged weapon can be determined by moving the cursor over it in the world view or inventory. When equipped, the ammo box will display a colored dot and a number corresponding to the condition of the weapon. This value does not influence any parameters of the armament - it is merely a rough guide to how much more wear and tear it can endure before breaking (and requiring a Repair or the use of an Auto-Repair Unit).

When a Maintenance Tool is used on a weapon, the condition of the latter is improved by the number equal to the current Maintenance skill, but not beyond Perfect condition (10). Condition level numbers are more precise and actually rounded. Weapons can break in either Poor (2) or Terrible state (1).

Condition Table

Level Name
10 Perfect
9 Superb
8 Excellent
7 Very Good
6 Good
5 Average
4 Fair
3 Shoddy
2* Poor
1* Terrible

* The Weapon can break at this condition.

Maintenance Requirements

All ranged weapons have a minimum level of Maintenance skill required for the Disposable Tool to be used.

Requirement Table

Minimum Skill Weapon
1 Talon M2A3 .45 Caliber Pistol
Apollo H4 Argon-Suspension Laser Pistol
2 10 Gauge Shotgun
TC-11 "Brick" Grenade Launcher
3 Stasis Field Generator
TC-5 Fusion Cannon
4 M-22 Assault Rifle
Viral Proliferator
Annelid Launcher
6 Dual-Circuit EMP Rifle

Energy Capacity

Maintenance skill also increases maximum charge that can be held in Implants, Energy Weapons and Powered Armor. Each point of this skill adds 10 units of power to the maximum capacity.

Capacity Table

Maintenance Skill Maximum Energy Capacity
0 100
1 110
2 120
3 130
4 140
5 150
6 160