MM-76 Accelerator Rail Gun





Weapon Data
Operation Semi-Automatic
Slow Projectile
Ammunition Rail Gun Clip
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 200
Armor Penetration 35
Offense Value 6
The MM-76 Accelerator Rail Gun is a weapon found in System Shock.


This heavy assault weapon propels a grenade-like projectile that explodes on contact and is capable of penetrating heavy armor.

The Rail Gun is a rather difficult weapon to operate. Player should become familiar with projectile collision detection as explosions from nearby hits damage the Hacker too. On the other hand it has surprisingly high rate of fire that makes it an incredibly powerful weapon in skilled hands.

Ammunition Types

RailClip LargeSlag Icon RailGunClip Rail Gun Clip (12) - Heavy armor penetration and fragmentation damage.


  • Most of the weapon names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the games developers. In this case, Mike Marsicano.
  • The animation frame of this weapon firing is actually not shown in the game itself, even if present in the files. This applies to all versions except the Source Port update (and presumably the original Macintosh version).

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