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ML-41 Minipistol
Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Destructible No
Operation Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Standard Rounds
Teflon-Coated Rounds
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 20 per Hit (Standard)
30 per Hit (Teflon)
Armor Penetration 20 (Standard)
30 (Teflon)
Offense Value 2 (Standard)
3 (Teflon)
Range 20

The ML-41 Minipistol is a weapon found in System Shock. Designed primarily as a defensive weapon, it is standard issue for TriOptimum executives.


The Minipistol will be your best friend aboard Citadel Station for a very long time, equally capable of dealing with most common threats and shooting out cameras to reduce SHODAN's control over the Station. Compared to its energy-based cousin the SparqBeam it is also far simpler to use: no energy settings to fiddle with and no cool-down time to worry about, simply 'point and click' as long as you have ammunition.

In the very early stages of the game the Dart Pistol should be used to deal with Humanoid Mutants to conserve pistol ammunition, and Teflon rounds should be reserved for tougher enemies until the later levels when you can start scavenging them from wrecked robots.

Once you get your hands on the Minipistol's bigger brother, the Magnum, that should be your sidearm of choice since its corresponding ammunition types deal twice the damage.


Ammunition Types

Standard Rounds Icon.png StandardRounds.png Standard Rounds (20) - Poor stopping power, but moderate accuracy.
Teflon Rounds Icon.png TeflonRounds.png Teflon-Coated Rounds (20) - Enhanced armor penetration.


  • Most of the weapons' names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the game's makers. In this case, ML stands for Marc LeBlanc.