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Creates fire in a sphere around you, damaging both you and your enemies. Although the game tooltip description indicates this Power's duration as 15 seconds + 8 seconds per PSI, its duration is actually 7 seconds + 8 seconds per PSI.

Radius: 5 feet
Duration: 15 seconds + 8 seconds per PSI (de jure) ; 7 seconds + 8 seconds per PSI (de facto)
Damage: Incendiary, 5 points every 2 seconds

Does not actually damage you, as you get immunity to incendiary damage while localized pyrokinesis is active

Damage Table

Annelid Half-Annelid Mech Half-Mech Final Boss
Incendiary x2 x2 x0 x0.5 x1


  • Allows damaging enemies while invisible. Activate localized pyrokinesis before Photonic Redirection. Very effective in the Body of the Many, especially in the final battle.
  • Easy and cheap way of dealing with multiple worms faster and with less risk than using melee attacks. But on the other hand, Talon M2A3 .45 Caliber Pistol is also cheap and effective against worms.
  • Less benefit in the regular play. Melee players will be much better off with Adrenaline Overproduction.
  • Gives immunity to Protocol Droids' explosions, Red Monkeys' fiery attacks the explosions of destroyed turrets (with the strange exception of destroyed Slug Turrets!) and your own incendiary grenades.
  • It does NOT give immunity to exploding Slug Turrets, exploding bots (maintenance etc.), Blast Turrets' rockets nor S.H.O.D.A.N. head's rocket-like attacks. Same goes with explosions that are set to happen in the game (the one of transport shuttle on Command Deck or of the invisible proximity mine at the top of the Von Braun-Rickenbacker shafts). Also the player is not protected from any other type of grenade but the incendiary one.