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Level 7 - Systems Engineering
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LV 7
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Systems Engineering is the Level 7 of Citadel Station.


The level contains many of the stations support and communications systems, including the primary antenna relays. This level's subdued, brown-yellow color scheme and cramped corridors add to its techno-industrial atmosphere. It is also the last level with a working Surgery Machine.

System administrator Willard Richie's office is there, with an essential log.


  • Autobomb (1)
    • When destroyed, another will appear near a chute in the northeast corner of the map to take its place.
  • Cyborg Assassin (10)
  • Cyborg Enforcer (13)
    • When the population falls below 3, they are replenished by 0/1/1/2. An additional 0/1/1/2 appear in the Clover Leaf area for each Cyborg Assassin killed.
  • Cyborg Warrior (4)
    • When the population falls below 5, they are replenished by 0/1-2/1-2/2-3.
  • Exec-Bot (8)
  • Mutated Cyborg (2)
    • When the reactor is set to destruct, 0/2/2/3 will appear outside Elevator 11.
  • Repair-Bot (2)
  • Security-1-Bot (15)
    • When the population falls below 5, 0/2/2/3 will appear. Additionally, when the reactor is set to destruct, more will appear inside the surgery machine (as many as will fit).
  • Security-2-Bot (6)
    • When the reactor is set to destruct, 0/4/4/5 will appear at the southern antenna.

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