Citadel Station
Level 2 - Research Labs
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LV 2
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1 (Broken)
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The Research Labs are the second level of Citadel Station explored in System Shock.

This level is responsible for the production of many prototype technological developments, and the eastern quadrant houses an extensive electronic library as well as admin security. The Laser Control Center for the station's mining tachyon laser are also located here. This level can be identified by its vibrant red and white walls.


  • Alpha contains exclusively researchers' offices and a switch accessing the Beta Quadrant.
  • Beta (access can also be gained in cyberspace) contains the Admin-Sec office, the research library (with the laser safety override code), biological labs, screening room, and some other systems.
  • Gamma contains the cybernetics department (the local CPU cluster, robot maintenance and storage rooms) and unstable isotope labs. In the radioactive storeroom the Isotope X-22 can be found.
  • Delta is mostly offices, the local security department armory and some labs.


Logs and E-Mails

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Weapons and Items

New Hardware Attachments

Access Cards

  • Science Access Card
  • Engineering Access Card
  • Group-3 Access Card

Cyberspace Items

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Terminal 2

Commandos prepare to move to Level 2 core
Security to Level 2 computer nodes