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Lazarus Decλy - A Story Driven System Shock Modification is a mod for System Shock.

Official Description

Lazarus Decλy is an interactive multimedia video game project, utilizing LookingGlass Technologies’ 1994 PC classic, System Shock as a base. The goal of the project was to create an expansion pack-like experience, adding to the base game, utilizing some already existing game assets, whilst introducing many new and original assets which include: Original music, original audio log recordings, original textures, an original map design, and an original story unrelated to the base game whatsoever.

Lazarus Decλy is an extremely challenging fan-mission. Including intelligent puzzles and claustrophobic level design that will test players mind, spacial awareness and willpower to survive. A rewarding experience from beginning to end.
~ 3RDplayer

This mod is compatible with the System Shock: Enhanced Edition (Update: 1e.16) [Game Ver: 1.0.0] and System Shock Classic Edition with use of the SSP Tool!


  • The mod has a bug that can cause the game to crash.



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