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Land Mine

Land Mine

Land Mine Icon

Weapon Data
First Obtained Level 1 - Hospital
Destructible Yes
Operation Proximity Explosion
Attack Type Projectile Energy Beam
Damage 230
Blast Radius 5
Armor Penetration 35
Offense Value 5
A Land Mine is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


Unlike other explosives, this device does not have a timed fuse and will not detonate on contact after it is armed. It will only explode only after it is stationary on the ground and an object collides with it. Ground-based inhabitants are vulnerable to this explosive, but it has severely limited usefulness against Flier-Bots and Avian Mutants. Surrounding them with unarmed grenades and other explosives such as a Nitropack is an effective way of amplifying its power.

Although most of the mines players will find are inactive, live ones are occasionally found throughout the station. Caution is advised especially when going through explosive caches, as triggering a mine here will almost certainly kill the player with a chain detonation.

Live land mines cannot be disabled, and attempting to pick them up from otherwise safe distances will trigger them for even more damage than just stepping on them. Once set, the only way to relocate one without detonating it is to use the Riot Gun.

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