LG-XX Plasma Rifle





Weapon Data
First Found on Level 8 - Security
Destructible No
Operation Refracting Plasma Projectile
Attack Type Projectile Energy Beam
Damage 35 per Blast (Low)
350 per Blast (High)
Energy Usage 13v (Low)
130v (High)
Armor Penetration 100
Offense Value 6

The LG-XX Plasma Rifle is a weapon found in System Shock.


An experimental weapon with less than desirable energy consumption and the capability to destroy multiple targets (including a careless user) with a single shot.

Indisputably the most powerful of the energy weapons, the LG-XX could even be labelled "too awesome to use" for several reasons. First, it will take your battery from fully charged to empty in three shots. Also it is the only direct-fire weapon that can kill you as it's plasma 'spheres' bounce off walls and targets like a hellish ping-pong ball. These can in turn bounce back at the Hacker, vaporizing you like a cybernetic Wile E. Coyote with a malfunctioning boobytrap. Worst of all is that the power drain can leave your other subsystems (like shields or nightvision) running out of power at a critical moment, which in turn can get you killed even if you were a careful shot.

With all these things taken into account it is partly a matter of personal taste whether to even carry the Plasma Rifle around at all or leave it behind as a waste of inventory space. Either a Laser Blaster or an Ion Pulse Rifle can kill the majority of enemies with far less power drain - not to mention less risk from one's own weapon.

Best reserved for use (if at all) on densely packed groups or the absolute nastiest enemies like Cortex Reavers, a wise Hacker will have at least a couple Portable Batteries handy before pulling the trigger on this behemoth. Knowing exactly where the nearest Energy Charge Station is located is also a good idea.


  • Most of the weapons' names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the game's makers. In this specific case, however, the LG stands for the studio, LookingGlass Technologies.
  • Given the weapon's propensity to kill players, it has sometimes been dubbed a "shortcut" or "the teleport gun" as firing it can quickly send you to the nearest Restoration Bay.
  • The animation frame of this weapon firing is actually not shown in the game itself, even if present in the files. This applies to all versions except the Source Port update, where it can be enabled using "Show All Weapon Frames" Game Option.

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