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Junk Items are items in the System Shock series that can be picked up but serve little to no purpose other than decoration.

System Shock

Various junk can be found littering the corridors of Citadel Station, as well as on the bodies of deceased crew members and the various adversaries the Hacker encounters as he journeys through it. These items serve no practical purpose in the game itself, and can be "vaporized" from the inventory.


Image Name Description
BeverageContainer Beverage Container See Also: Soda
Wrapper Wrapper
FlaskBeaker Flasks and Beakers
WorkerHelmet Worker Helmet Presumably the protective hard-hats worn by maintenance and construction workers.
SeveredHead Severed Heads
Skull Skull

System Shock 2

The junk found aboard the Von Braun and UNN Rickenbacker, while serving no direct purpose to the Soldier, can still be converted by the Recycler into a few extra Nanites.

Image Name Nanites Description
Mug Mug 1
Plant Plant 1
Cigarettes Cigarettes 1
Pool Cue icon no inventory lines gamma normal Pool Cue 1
Ring Buoy icon Ring Buoy 1
Alien Magazine icon Alien Magazine 1
BISTURI Magazine icon Bisturi Magazine 1
BEUA Magazine icon Beua Magazine 1
DROID. Magazine icon DROID. Magazine 1
JACK LEATHER Magazine icon Jack Leather Magazine 1
NATURA Magazine icon Natura Magazine 1
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