Jon David Wong
Jon david wong
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationEngineering
Game(s) System Shock

Jon David Wong was an engineer on the Citadel Station.

Bruford Endicott told him to install back-up manual circuit breakers to remedy the power outages of the Research Level. He could not discover why the computers mucked with the power, and his crew told him that they ran across a robot crew doing heavy remodeling without being notified. He supposed that these are likely related to some of the other recent glitches in SHODAN's operation.

At the Storage Level he noted that systems were haywire all over the station and that the CPU nodes were touching the systems authorization memory, or looping through a random number sequence. The robots killed him while he was working on the CPUs. His body was found much later by Greg MacLeod.


Audio Logs

Level 2 - Research
Level 4 - Storage


Level 2 - Research


  • The portrait appearing in the audio logs is a scanned photo of Art Min, one of the game developers.

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