Dr. James R. Watts
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum
Status Deceased
Location Von BraunMedSci
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Daniel Thron

They're not dead, they're not dead you understand? They want you, they want you... As a host... Get away...
~ Watts

Dr. James R. Watts was the head medical doctor on the Von Braun.

Watts was dismissive to the reports of the lab monkeys displaying unusual intelligence, referring to the multitude of previous studies in the field of animal behavior that found no supporting evidence of such behavior.

After first contact, Watts was in charge of care for crewman Watson, who was infected with an Grub on Tau Ceti V. Watts concluded that he couldn't save his patient as removing the worm from Watson would kill him. After Watson appeared to have died, Watts discovered that despite his patient's zero respiratory and brain function, the body still maintained motor functions, as did the worm, even managing to speak to the nurses. Watts then decided to conduct an autopsy on Watson to see how he was able to function. As he was about to make his first incision, the patient broke loose of his restraints, attacking and seriously injuring Watts and killing an orderly in the process.

Watts managed to cling to life for the next two days on a bio-bed, as the autodoc fought a losing battle to keep him alive. He finally died of his injuries shortly after being discovered by the Soldier, and warning him of The Many's plans.

Audio Logs

MedSci Deck

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