Enemy Stats
First Encounter Maintenance Level
Most Common Maintenance Level
Preferred Weapon Flechette
Laser Rapier
Primary Attack Toxic, Jelly-like Projectiles
Secondary Attack Caustic Appendage
Damage (per Hit) 10 (Primary)
35 (Secondary)
Attack Range 6 (Primary)
2 (Secondary)
Hit Points 350
Perception Medium
Disruptability 5%
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 2
Loot nothing

It will be over soon, soon I'll die. This pain will end. I can't even recognize my own damn arm. Shodan's virus. I can see... Oh God, I can see through my own body. There's another virus in the Grove. God, let me die, please.
The Inviso-Mutant is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Specimen # 95 - By virtue of its nearly invisible appearance, this organism escaped detection for some time before bringing attention to itself. The morning crew arrived one morning to find the night crew mutilated beyond recognition. An exhaustive search with infrared tracking equipment finally located the organism and we were forced to place it in stasis until a more effective means of containment is devised.
~ Hans Bichenbach, Head of the Citadel Station Biology Department

Inviso-Mutants appear as small, translucent, stingray-like creatures and are exclusive to the Maintenance Level of Citadel Station. They are similar to Zero-Grav Mutants, as they fire projectiles, but pack a much bigger punch. 3 or 4 hits from them is usually enough to kill the Hacker.


Being relatively flat, these mutants are hard to hit with firearms and on top of that are quite resistant to bullets. With it being almost completely dark, they pose a serious threat until you get the Lantern and Laser Rapier. They will easily take half of a Minipistol clip to die. Don't even bother with the Dart Pistol or SparqBeam, unless you can fire from cover, or you'll be open to damage. Upon entering the Maintenance Level, the highest priority should be locating the laser rapier.


  • This enemy has no dedicated MFD icon in the game.

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