Invisible Arachnid
Enemy Stats
First Encounter UNN Rickenbacker
Hit Points 60
Damage 10 (+heavy toxin)
Damage Type WeaponBash
Splash Damage No
Speed Moderately Fast
Weakness Anti-Annelid attacks (4x)
Anti-Personnel ammo (2x)
Incendiary attacks (2x)
External Psionic Detonation (2x)
Psionic Hypnogenesis
Stasis Field Generator
Loot Arachnid Organ (20%)
no loot (80%)
Summon Code invisibile arachnid
The Invisible Arachnid is a pervasive, phobia-inducing spider that SOLDIER G65434-2 will come to loathe as he explores the Von Braun and the UNN Rickenbacker. It seems that The Many decided that while not truly invisible, invisible arachnids are significantly harder to see causing much more challenge for the soldier. As such, they like to hide in the dark corners of the Rickenbacker where the soldier will encounter them, and leap up at him when he least expects it.


In truth, Invisible Arachnids aren't significantly tougher to deal with than the Adult versions, as they have the same number of Hit Points, the same Toxic damage potential, and attack with the same swarming and leaping behavior. It's easy to justify spending ammo on these guys, especially in the late game when it's plentiful, though it's recommended you save any Worm Clusters you might have for the massive number of Rumblers you'll encounter later on. As always, keep several Anti-Toxin Hypos on hand, or you'll suffer long after your enemies are dead.

Invisible Arachnids are not invisible to the "Sense Motion" Psi ability. They also don't respawn, and they're not very plentiful to begin with. So keep your radar active the first time you're moving through levels and you should be fine.


  • Research an Arachnid Organ (requires a small amount of Iridium) to give you a 25% damage bonus against all types of Arachnids.

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