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Instantaneous Quantum Relocation is a Tier Five psionic discipline. The first use of this power sets a “teleport marker”.. The second use teleports you to it, and deletes the marker. You can also delete the marker with ALT-T.


Note that a created teleport marker only works within a given sub-level. Going through a bulkhead, elevator, a ladder etc. will automatically clear any teleport marker in the sub-level you're leaving.


  • This power has potential for creative uses. It can be a quick shortcut back to the main elevator.. or a place already inaccessible after reaching a certain point. It can get you out of a bad combat situation in a hurry, and more. It can also foil a malevolent AI's plan to deduct our Cyber Modules ; )
  • The marker itself behaves as a solid object. Neither you nor enemies can walk through it, but you can stand on top of it to potentially help you access hard-to-reach places. It's a small difference though, as Metacreative Barrier should be mainly used for such stunts.
  • Remember that the marker disappears after changing the map by any means.
  • Be aware that inertia from the fall is carried over upon teleport. Falling from a high place and teleporting back before you hit the ground will either kill you or do severe damage... unless you placed the marker above deeper water.
  • Along with External Psionic Detonation, it is the only Psi Power that does not depend on your PSI level at all.